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My NJ Road Trip 2002


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My NJ Roadtrip 2003
My NJ Road Trip 2002
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We made our way into New Jersey about 11pm Friday Night March 22nd. I had to drop off some stuff to a friend in Belleville. That's about the time everything went wrong. We went onto the 21 and went the wrong direction into Newark. If that wasn't bad enough, the off ramp for Belleville #7 was closed off. Once again we went the wrong direction and ended up some where in Hoboken. It was about 12am and we were getting nervous. So we pulled into  the first Motel we saw. $85!!! What a rip off, think of all those motels we passed on the 46 for $37 a night.....Next day we made our way to 96 and you guessed it, we ended up in New York. After turning around and almost running over 20 people who walk out in front you when you're doing 40 clicks (must be ranger fans). We got to the Meadowlands around 10am FINALLY!! We talked to some hardcore Devils in the parking lot.


It was really cool that they let you down to the ice to watch and take pics of the warm-up. Can't do that in Toronto.


That's our seats way up in 239!!!!


Got to get a picture


In our seats!

Look at all the banners for just 20 years!


The kids get their Devils stuff on Sunday morning.