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Muay Thai: Not all Ring Sports are created Equal
Some Muay Thai History

In the late 1700s (estimated at 1780-90) England sent over their best boxers and gladiators. This was done while boxing was illegal under the British Crown. There was no ring as all Muay Thai fights took place in town/village squares and fields. With there being limited information on this challenge. It was reported that no boxer survived past the first round of this confrontation. The gladiators did fare better, but never won a single match, Many challenges took place over the centuries from all countries from around the world. Sending their best fighters to take on the worlds most deadly fighters. It should be noted that no boxer has ever beaten a Thai Boxer at these challenges (as far as historical fact show). I highly recommend the site url to your left (Toronto Muay Thai), that shows pictures of the most recent challenges made in the last 4 decades.



Toronto Muay Thai


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